Political Reporter

The U.S. presidential election of 2016 shocked pundits and journalists around the globe, while also proving the enormous importance of committed political journalism.

The desire to better understand the inner workings of politics and policy making led me to pursue a Master of Public Administration at Harvard Kennedy School, with the goal of becoming a better reporter and interpreter of politics for news consumers. Shortly after graduation in May of 2015, I joined KING 5 Seattle where I cover politics and policy at the state and national level.

I turn television and digital stories daily, breaking down complex issues and analyzing the impact of national policies on my current region, from immigration to trade. During election season, my focus shifts to in-depth coverage of campaigns for federal, state and local office. For a sample of my work, please visit my stories page.

Previously, I worked as a reporter for KTVK Phoenix , Arizona; KPTV Portland, Oregon; KPSP Palm Springs, California.

Harvard Kennedy School, Mid-Career Master of Public Administration 2015
University of California, San Diego, Graduated with Highest Distinction from the Communications Department